Judge John Hodgman on Getting a Colonoscopy

Carolyn writes: My husband, 57, refuses to get a colonoscopy, the shingles vaccine or an updated tetanus shot. He doesn’t like doctors and believes our medical system encourages unnecessary procedures. I told him that if he gets any of these afflictions, I won’t take care of him. He says I’m a terrible person. Am I?

You’re not a terrible person for not treating him, unless you’re a hobbyist oncologist and/or hoarder of prescription antivirals who maybe also has an I.C.U. unit in the garage. I never use this word, but dude. Yes, it’s hard to admit our body is a failing meat machine. But everyone who “doesn’t like doctors” sure does start loving them once they get cancer or writhe in pain from preventable diseases. While making yourself vulnerable is always uncomfortable, my colonoscopy was the greatest nap I ever took. I can’t wait for my next one.

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