Male Skin Care Enthusiast, or Guy With a Secret Girlfriend?

“Is he clean, or does he have a girlfriend?”

That’s the question Lizzie Kane asked herself while on a fourth date at the home of a man she was seeing.

After finishing a filet mignon dinner he had prepared, she excused herself to his bathroom, where she was met with a mix of niche, luxury skin care brands sitting on his counter and hanging on his shower rail — the kind of products, she believed, that would be unusual for a straight man to have. At least, not without the help of a woman.

Bewildered, she captured the scene on video before confronting him.

“I don’t even have that nice of products — I use Trader Joe’s skin care, to be honest,” Ms. Kane, 24, said in a phone interview. “I was like: ‘You have some really nice stuff in here. Do you have a girlfriend or something?’”

He insisted that he didn’t and said that his dermatologist sister had recommended the brands. “Afterward, when I confronted him, he did show me his whole Instacart order, so he ordered every single one of those things himself,” she said.

When Ms. Kane shared the video on TikTok, where it has now been viewed nearly seven million times, it spurred a debate about whether the man had a girlfriend. (The answer, according to the internet, was a resounding yes.)

Although she didn’t think his beauty products were a huge red flag, they were certainly a factor in Ms. Kane’s decision to stop dating him soon after.

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