Winter Clothes, Hold the Snow

A bright red cape and headband. Creamy cable knit pants. Overcoats of all sorts: Single-breasted and double-breasted, in shades of camel and pink, some skimming knees and others falling closer to the floor.

All were clothes that stood out on the streets of New York City last month, as people started bundling up for the season. The most memorable style was not just about garments, but how they were worn with a certain presence — the type that makes you want to look a little closer, stare a little longer and squint a little harder to make sure you’ve taken in every detail.

The wooly coat and loose layers exuded coziness.
Sharp tailoring played up the plaid’s geometry.
Furry and fuzzy accessories softened all the black.
Scarves tucked into coats provided a dapper look.
Muted reds and greens evoked the season in a less obvious way.
A sweater was as stimulating as peppermint candy.
A color-blocked scarf tied this outfit together.
And a rainbow-plaid style brightened up these winter whites.
Pulled back, a sidewalk scene offered coats in all shapes and sizes.
A coat and bag offered a striking mashup of stripes.
And another coat’s golden tinge set it apart from the herd of camel styles.
Pops of green spruced up a muted look.
While shoes and a bag offered a sophisticated blend of primary colors.
The shade of a coat was matched by the tint of some sunglasses.
Disparate outfits offered a surprising symmetry.
Frayed denim cuffs peeked out from beneath the sleeves of a trench.
The swoop of the cord mirrored the curve of the belt chain.
An oversize suit in passing offered a stark contrast with a micro mini skirt.
An overcoat took this Canadian tuxedo to a more elegant place.
The right way to wear a scarf? Whichever keeps you warmest.
Those printed pants were hard to miss.
A subway ensemble had a rich assortment of caramels.
They doubled down on fur and cable knits.
Their cheerfulness permeated the chill.
A face was framed by swept-back hair and an exaggerated collar.
And no mannequin, however well-dressed, can conjure the excitement of spotting good style outside.

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