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    ‘Challengers’ and That Ending: Our Critics Have Thoughts

    The tennis movie comes to an abrupt stop midmatch, so we don’t know who won. Does that matter?

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    Watching the Protests From Israel

    Produced by ‘The Ezra Klein Show’ Ultimately, the Gaza war protests sweeping campuses are about influencing Israeli politics. The protesters want to use economic divestment, American pressure and policy, and a broad sense of international outrage to ...

  • Newyork

    Miranda July Is Ready to Get ‘Maximum Weird’

    It was not exactly urgent to get the rug, but the larger question the rug had to answer was urgent enough. That’s why, on a bright afternoon at the end of March, Miranda July and I were driving toward Irvine, Calif., where she planned to meet a man ...

  • Newyork

    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez You Don’t Know

    Six days after winning election to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did what so many young progressives do while visiting the nation’s capital: She went to a rally. It was 2018, and Democratic dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump was a ...

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    Robert Kagan Takes the Long View on Trumpism

    Describe your ideal reading experience (when, where, what, how). Midnight, at the kitchen table, with a bowl of cornflakes. How do you organize your books? Umm. I own about 6,000 books and it’s a bit of a disaster. I’ve been paying research ...

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    The Biden Campaign’s High-Powered Effort to Define R.F.K. Jr.

    Pretty much every presidential election includes a smattering of third-party and independent candidates — minor players who have slim to no chance of winning but who can seriously damage the electoral chances of the major-party nominees. This year ...

  • US

    In a Portland Library, Activists Fortify for a Standoff

    At Portland State University’s crescent-shaped library, students can normally peer through floor-to-ceiling windows at the leafy green spaces below. But the library, under occupation since Monday by pro-Palestinian protesters, now has been turned ...

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    Why Are Movies so Bad at Making Civil War Look Scary?

    The filmmaker has made it clear that “Civil War” is a warning. Instead, the ugliness of war comes across as comforting thrills.

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    Trump Is Flirting With Quack Economics

    More than 30 years ago, the economists Rudiger Dornbusch (one of my mentors) and Sebastian Edwards wrote a classic paper on what they called “macroeconomic populism.” Their motivating examples were inflationary outbreaks under left-wing regimes in ...

  • Newyork

    What Students Read Before They Protest

    When I was a college undergraduate 25 years ago, the fancy school that I attended offered what it styled as a “core curriculum” that was really nothing of the sort. Instead of giving students a set of foundational courses and assignments, a shared ...

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